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Instructions to authors

All case study reports, articles need to be prepared as per the guidelines consisting of the following sections. Title Page, Abstract with Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods (if relevant), Results (if applicable), Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Tables, Illustrations if any, Legends of figures if any.

Title page

Title page should include a brief details of the manuscript, a running title of the manuscript, name(s) of author(s), details of the corresponding author with email address, phone number and address for communication, department and the institutions to which authors are affiliated to and contributions of all the authors. Funding agency (if applicable) and conflicts of interest if any shall be declared. All relevant documents are to be sent only as doc/docx file. Files sent in any other format shall not be considered.


The total texts of the case reports /articles have to be approximately a maximum of 3000 words excluding the abstract, references and tables.


Abstract should be having a maximum of 250 words, may be structured with subheadings such as background, materials and methods, results and conclusion. These also include at least three or more keywords.


Should justify the purpose of the study and rationale behind the study.

Materials and Methods

This should include the materials and methods, source for the study, ethical committee approval, study design and statistical methods used.


Results/ observations of the case study ought to be quoted in a sequential manner with the text, tables and figures/illustrations if necessary.


Pertinent interpretations of the significant observations/ results of the study shall be highlighted and compared with the existing studies. Limitations of the present study and future strategies that shall be prepared for these studies can be highlighted.

Conclusion :

Provide brief apt conclusions of the study.

References :

References should be quoted only in Vancouver format.


Tables have to be self-explanatory and ought not to replicate facts described in the text. Each table must have to be numbered with a title and be listed in the order of their citation in the text. Postscript should explain the acronym and other explanatory notes that are provided in the table.


Upload all the images/illustrations/figures in JPEG format. Figures have to be numbered successively in the order in which they have been cited in the text. Symbols, arrows, or letters used in the images should be prominently visible with the background. Headings and explanation should be written in the legends for each of the images, but not on the photograph themselves.

Letters to the editor

These should be comments of the readers/ experts on some of the recognized findings or views previously published in the Journal.

Processing and publication charges:


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